Book of the Week

"Bad Boy - A Memoir" by Walter Dean Myers

The childhood days of Walter Dean Myers were far from easy: it was hard being black and poor. Success seemed far out of his reach, as he had to contend with the class and racial struggles that surrounded him. Young Walter was full of contradictions. As a boy, he was always ready for a fight yet he loved to read. He would check out books from the library and carry them home, hidden in brown paper bags in order to avoid the teasing from the other boys. As school became more and more uncomfortable, he attended less and less often. Sometimes he could be found fighting on the streets or delivering "packages" for drug dealers.
He narrowly escaped going to jail, dropped out of school, and went through years of menial jobs. His journey to realizing his aspirations is truly inspirational as he acknowledges the influences that helped him along the path from being a troubled teen to a famous writer.

If you would like to read "Bad Boy - A Memoir" by Walter Dean Myers please contact your public library.

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