Who we are

The Anguilla Library Service provides access to information resources, services and programmes that support personal and national development.


Striving to be a dynamic service offering universal access to information resources that foster lifelong learning and build community.

Mission statement

The Department of Library Services is committed to being the premier resource for the information needs of the Anguillian Community and the preservation of its culture, through the delivery of relevant, innovative and integrated services competent, highly motivated & customer-focused professionals.


Library services in Anguilla began in 1938 as a service to those who could afford to pay subscription fees. By 1950 services were offered free of charge to the general public in recognition of the individual's need for access to information. Government then assumed responsibility for the provision of public library and information services. From humble and crowded beginnings the public library service reached an important milestone in 1996 when its services became available in a more spacious facility the ‘Edison L Hughes Library & Education Complex’. In 2001 the library division was upgraded to the Department of Library Services under the portfolio of the Ministry of Social Development. The Department is charged with the responsibility of developing national library services and is dedicated to improving the human and material resources essential for service delivery.